10 Best Foldable Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym in 2023: NordicTrack, Conept2, Echelon

Membership and app options: Peloton machines all work with the Peloton app. An All-Access Peloton Membership is $44 a month, and includes classes for Bike+, Tread, and Row. It includes on-demand classes, training programs, scenic classes, and more.

6. Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine


Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Another affordable option, this compact rowing machine folds up super flat, and, like others on this list, it’s light enough to move by yourself. It has two handlebars connected to hydraulic cylinders which are designed to mimic the feeling of two oars, plus a small LCD screen that tracks and displays speed, distance, and time. According to reviewers, it is also easy to assemble and has a smooth, quiet ride. 

Membership and app options: This barebones rower does not have a corresponding app,  plus there is no Bluetooth connectivity with this machine.

7. Avari Conversion II Rower

Avari Conversion II Rower and Recumbent Bike


Avari Conversion II Rower and Recumbent Bike

 Unlike other rowers on this list, this model has a full, adjustable seat and doubles as a recumbent bike. The rower has eight levels of magnetic resistance and even features heart rate monitors on the handles. For rowing, you’ll use the closer footplates and allow the seat to slide forward and back. For cycling, simply lock the seat in place, and use the front set of moving pedals. The LCD tracks your stats for both types of workouts including speed, distance, time, odometer, heart rate, and calories. 

Membership and app options: This rower is compatible with the Müüv app, which is free and includes audio coaching that offers feedback in real-time.

8. Xterra Fitness ERG Water Rowing Machine

Xterra Fitness ERG Water Rowing Machine


Xterra Fitness ERG Water Rowing Machine

At under $400, this water-resistance rower is fairly affordable and sleek. It has six resistance levels, which you can control by how much you fill the water tank, and comes with seven built-in workout programs that display on the LCD screen. While the Xterra does not fold, it stands upright when not in use and has a 300-lb weight limit.

Membership and app options: There’s no app for this rower, plus there is no Bluetooth connectivity.

9. Hydrow Wave Rower

With more than 9,000 glowing reviews, and a 4.75-star rating, it’s safe to say this rower is a customer favorite. A lightweight version of the original Hydrow, the Hydrow Wave Rower is a good option for small spaces because it can be stored upright. And while this model is on the pricier side, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you are a devoted rower because of the features it comes loaded with. The Wave Rower, which has a 375-pound weight capacity, has a large touchscreen with Journey-type classes with graphics for virtual rows on a boat with a scenic view. The Hydrow membership gives you access to over 4,000 workouts, including rowing, plus other routines to do off the machine, like yoga and strength training. 

Membership and app options: You can get an all-inclusive Hydrow membership for $44 a month. It includes live and on-demand classes for rowing, strength training, yoga, and more.

10. Ergatta Rower 

If aesthetics are your top priority, the Ergatta rowing machine is for you. Instead of a steel frame, this rower is made from high-quality, dark-stained wood. It has a large, HD touchscreen which allows you to follow along on personalized workouts, virtual races, and even lets you enter virtual competitions. The workouts are designed to be gamified so they are engaging, but they don’t have trainer-led classes like some of the other options. It offers a variety of beginner intro classes that help you perfect your form in real-time. The machine has a 500-lb. weight limit and while it doesn’t fold, it can be stored upright when not in use. 

Membership and app options: An Ergatta membership is $29 a month and offers thousands of live and on-demand classes, game-based workouts, scenic workouts, and more.


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