2023 CrossFit Games Adaptive Division Results

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games have begun. On August 1, athletes in three categories — Multi Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Upper Extremity — have their chance to compete for the title of The Fittest on Earth® in their respective divisions.

With multi-time champions including Chris Acree (Upper Extremity – Men), Valerie Cohen (Lower Extremity – Women) and Brett Horchar (Multi Extremity – Men) returning to defend their title and countless athletes looking to reach new levels of athletic excellence, the Games are packed with potential.

Prior to the start of the 2023 competitive season, the Adaptive division underwent a notable restructuring. Adaptive division criteria were re-evaluated and updated, while verification standards were designed to ensure that athletes with similar abilities were competing in appropriate divisions.

Also, the Adaptive division formerly referred to as “Neuromuscular” was renamed Multi Extremity. The change, according to CrossFit, was made “to eliminate confusion since the previous name was based on the origin of the impairment … The name change better suits the abilities of the athletes represented in the division.”

2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Adaptive Division

The field of competitors, across all three categories, will compete in multiple events each day — Tuesday, August 1 through Wednesday, August, 3 — to determine this year’s champions.

Leaderboard will be updated throughout the Games as events progress.

Multi Extremity — Men

Multi Extremity — Women

Upper Extremity — Men

Upper Extremity — Women

Lower Extremity — Men

Lower Extremity — Women

Day One

The first day of the 2023 CrossFit Games will kick off bright and early at 9 a.m. CST with the Adaptive division and Age Group division running events concurrently (against their own respective divisions).

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Events One and Two — Olympic Weightlifting Total and Farmers Field

The Adaptive division’s opening event is a two-part challenge. The competitors must first complete a traditional, if rushed, Olympic weightlifting total — with three minutes to work up to a one-repetition max (1RM) in the snatch followed by three minutes to reach a 1RM clean & jerk.

After one brief minute’s rest, each division must perform a series of exercises for time:

Upper Extremity: 84-foot farmer’s carry to Pig, 21 burpee Pig jump-over, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 50 wall ball shots, 50/40-calorie row, 50 wall ball shots, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 21 burpee Pig jump-over, 84-foot farmer’s carry 

Lower Extremity: 84-foot farmer’s carry to Pig, 21 burpee Pig get-over, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 50 wall ball push presses, 40/35-calorie row, 50 wall ball push presses, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 21 burpee Pig get-over, 84-foot farmer’s carry 

Multi Extremity: 84-foot farmer’s carry to Pig, 15 burpee Pig get-over, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 40 wall ball shots, 40/35-calorie row, 40 wall ball shots, farmer’s carry around three dummies, 15 burpee Pig jump-over, 84-foot farmer’s carry 

*Note: The Pig is a specialized piece of equipment nearly eight-feet tall, three-feet wide, 20-inches high, and weighing several hundred pounds.

Multi Extremity Men’s Results

Multi Extremity Women’s Results

Upper Extremity Men’s Results

Upper Extremity Women’s Results

Lower Extremity Men’s Results

Lower Extremity Women’s Results

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Event Three — Helen

The CrossFit athletes will be tasked with performing a benchmark WOD recognizable to any elite competitor or recreational athlete who’s familiar with CrossFit training — Helen.

The Upper Extremity division will be challenged with three rounds for time: 400-meter run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.

The Lower Extremity division is required to perform three rounds for time: 400-meter SkiErg, 21 kettlebell swings , and 12 pull-ups.

Multi Extremity athletes must complete three rounds for time: 300-meter SkiErg, 15 kettlebell swings, and 9 pull-ups.

This event has not yet taken place. Results will be updated as they become available.

CrossFit Open Adaptive Champions

The CrossFit Adaptive division is, in actuality, a field eight categories deep. Winners in five categories — Vision, Short Stature, Seated with Hip Function, Seated without Hip Function, and Intellectual — were crowned in April of 2023 at the finale of the 2023 CrossFit Open. Those champions were:

Vision — Men

  1. Chris Fair

Vision — Women

  1. Erica James

Short Stature — Men

  1. Mike Witous and Tim Murray (tied)

Short Stature — Women

  1. Erin Popovich

Seated with Hip Function — Men

  1. Tom Miazga

Seated with Hip Function — Women

  1. Amalia Ortuno

Seated without Hip Function — Men

  1. Simon Farre

Seated with Hip Function — Women

  1. Andrea Wilson

Intellectual — Men

  1. Lance King

Intellectual — Women

  1. Hailey Melakian

CrossFit has announced that the 2024 CrossFit Games will feature all eight adaptive divisions in the Games Finals, provided the divisions have ample participation to allow a full and competitive field of athletes.

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How to Watch the CrossFit Games

Presuming you’re not attending the Games in Madison, WI, you can watch the 2023 CrossFit Games via the CrossFit app or online at the CrossFit website (Games.CrossFit.com), YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

The Games Move Forward

The Adaptive athletes will continue showcasing their skills over the coming days until a champion is crowned in each category. Breaking Muscle will continue delivering the action from Madison right to you. Check back regularly for official results and updated leaderboard standings. 

Featured Image: vcohen78 / Instagram

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