30 Minute Core Workout | Intermediate Pilates

This is a 30 Minute Intermediate Pilates Core Workout. The workout is designed to help you identify your core and help you engage the hard-to-find muscle groups. Don’t forget to subscribe and let me know you go in the comments below. Send lots of positive Pilates vibes Mira.

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  1. Hello Mira! Just done it and keep on sweating…Hahahaha!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't do all the mouvements because of my wrists: I have tendinite in each of them! However, I feel really great now! Thank you so much! Now, I'm going to do a stretching session which I need so deeply! See you tomorrow with such pleasure! Big hugs… namaste.

  2. Oh my: this was very challenging! I loved it! I had to take some breaks during the long abs section. I loved the variation u gave of straightening the top leg: more abs burn. I also liked that cue as we moved from one side to the other of going β€œover”. Thank u!

  3. You are the best, so perfect. I hope to see videos on foot massaging especially for the middle of the sole and the toes, as a working I have some problems with them. Thanks again :):):

  4. Hi Mira this was my 1st and won’t be last time working out with you. I’d liked the core workout and looking forward to doing other workouts with you! Thanks πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  5. Hey Mira! I’m a new subscriber here and i’ve been enjoying your workouts these days β™₯️ If you don’t mind, can you make a video of pilates exercises to help rounded shoulder? thank you ☺️β™₯️

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