5 exercises to build BIGGER traps and neck | Look bigger (Guaranteed)

what’s up guys, in this video we cover how to build bigger traps and neck which if you do so you will look bigger instantly! When it comes to building bigger neck and traps there are some certain exercises you want to hit to build them to look the best as possible. If you are looking for a total neck transformation hit these neck and trap exercises up!

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  1. My step dad is a huge iowa wrestler dude and he saw me doing bucep curls in the garage as a kid
    He stopped me and said drink some milk and cookies and do farmers walks around the yard everyday for a month. Gained 10 lbs or so and my upper back shoulders neck forearms ect got bigger and I was more comfortable holding and movin wight with other lifts.

  2. Would you say neck extensions are required? Currently doing neck curls, and side neck curls. Along with power shrugs, at the knee rack pulls, RDLs, plenty of rear delt work, and rows. So overall quite a bit of trap/back of neck work from the non direct exercises. I've tried doing neck extensions but I find I can't recover from them fast enough and sometimes that leads to tweaking the neck the wrong way. Never during the excersise, but seemingly over night I can wake up with a stiff neck which can impead performance in the other lifts.

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