'Age-reversing' supplements: What NMN, TMG and berberine did for us

In this week’s video I share the early results of taking NMN, TMG and berberine together with my parents for one month – and whether we intend to keep going with this anti-aging regime, recommended by Dr Elena Seranova of NMN Bio.
We also discuss safety, and the powerful effects of taking this as a supplements combo, with berberine one of the most exciting natural solutions to supporting blood sugar levels.
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Healthline articles on berberine’s potential https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/berberine-powerful-supplement and NMN https://www.healthline.com/health/nmn-nicotinamide-mononucleotide-benefits-side-effects-and-dosage#What-is-nicotinamide-mononucleotide-(NMN)?

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00:00 Intro
02:23 Why combine NMN with TMG and berberine?
06:38 Insulin resistance and age-related disease
12:12 NMN safety
18:29 What kind of results can you expect?
23:35 Our experience

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  1. Great channel – I like your interviewing style – but the content of this one is very much based on clever marketing. NMN gets converted to nicotinamide by gut bacteria – and its in this form that it's taken up by our cells. Nicotinamide is vitamin B3 and it can raise NAD levels in the blood stream when it's taken at 100-200mg per day. Its much cheaper and more stable, has many years of research and confirmed benefits when compared with NMN. NMN is still a gimmick. There is no one compound (or two or three compounds) that increase longevity and anyone who believes the hype is just being manipulated by clever marketing that appears to be based on research but it is really just an misinterpretation of it. Don't waste your money.

  2. If you can exercise u do not need to take berberine..in fact it attenuates the stress it puts on u and lessens your vo2 max…plus it was just found out that when NMN goes through the liver porthole it is changed to nicotinic acid..you are better using nicotinic acid that is a fraction of the cost and it does support the nad salvage pathway

  3. Many, Great supplements, Aged garlic Extract, Astazanthin, Berberine, but why has Everyone, Forgotten about Glisodin . one of the first supplements shown to increase endogenous Antioxidants. Also another study showing Reversing Atherosclerosis. It originated from Melon Extracts. Many studies over the Years. I found it was very good at Preventing.Burning.

  4. Oh dear…I've been taking nmn for a about a month now during dinner 😳😳 I've been confused as to why I can't sleep at night. Literally an hour ago my friend asked me how my sleep has been and i said i have to take sleeping pills to even sleep a few hours. Ive always slept 9 hours a night. THANK YOU for this interview ❤️💛💕!!

  5. I’ve been taking NMN for about three weeks and the first week was terrible. No energy, tired, sluggish- week three it’s finally got better! I feel rested in the morning, got energy during the day and im not wiped out after the day at night. It’s not the big burst I keep hearing about more a steady and consistent energy.

  6. I take 500mg of NMN (based on human trials results) on Wednesday and Saturday mornings hours before eating my first meal at noon. Also I take resveratrol after dinner on Wednesday and Sundays, especially if there’s oils or fats in the meal. I was 56 when I started 4 years ago, feeling great so far, hair seems to have stopped greying 🤞

  7. I just wana look younger and have thicker hair again 🙁 at 31 I feel that I look significantly older than I did even at 28. Makes me sad and scared at how I’ll look in a year, two, three

  8. Just bumped into this channel today. Wow, what a beautiful lady the host is–both inside and out. Ran another quick video here and liked that one, as well. Been in the health industry for 25 years now and still learning something new every day. Very exciting field of study! Lord bless!

  9. I really wish this channel would feature guests who don't have a commercial motive. I take NMN/NR, but I get my information from credentialed sources (reputable MDs and PhDs) who aren't selling the supplements. Same with cosmetic products and devices. It's just more credible to rely on evidence-based research and get information from people who aren't promoting their products.

  10. Man did your eyes change when she talked about carbs , and you saying you like baking it looked like a drug addict that's losing their fix even though you tried to put some smiley face on

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