Are Raisins Nutrients? Scientific Test with Charts & Taste Test

Are Raisins Nutrients? This is one of those mead questions that’s been asked a million times and I want to give an answer! I ran a big test comparing raisins to store bought nutrient and a no nutrient mead. I ran this test 3 times – You can see my steps for the test below. I also compiled my data into some graphs and easy viewing options (see the link below).

While I could have repeated this test a million more times, I believe that I have conclusive enough results here. The three yeasts I used for this video were: Lalvin D47, Mangrove Jack’s M05 and Lalvin K1-V1116.

Special thanks to Doin’ the Most for helping me with the taste test portion. Go check out his channel below:

Time Stamps:

Explaining the process – [ :30 – 2:10 ]

Reviewing the Data – [ 2:12 – 7:30 ]

Taste Testing – [ 7:30 ]

Doin the Most:

Google Drive link to my charts:



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  1. I know these 2 have probably been answered in a video but what is your favorite yeast to use in a traditional mead? Also does adding yeast nutrient after 1 day of fermentation make a difference? (I know your not supposed to add nutrients after fermentation has started just curious if it makes a difference and what potential positives it could have) (I also know it can make a kinda violent eruption if u do so so you need to watch it lol)

  2. I told the Reddit Mead group that I used raisins in a traditional and I got chewed out by the auto-reply bot and then the members. Even though I watched tons of videos that said do it. I now have nutrients and don't use raisins.. But there's that

  3. Short answer: yes, they are a nutrient, albeit a very poor one. About all it contributes are some tannins and added sugar. They can, however, add body to a mead and potentially be a source of wild yeast.

    If you don't want to bother with using Fermaid or DAP and other commercial products, there are other easy DIY options such as boiled el cheapo baker's yeast (the kind you can get a 3-pack of at the grocery store for 99¢) or even a cup of Grape Nuts cereal steeped in boiling water and strained to make a wort. Either of those will work a thousand times better as a yeast nutrients than raisins.

  4. Great, I used food, raisins and a cup of blueberries. With only one pack of champagne yeast. In five gallons, with 15 pounds of honey! Less yeast might not burn all the flavor out, and go slower. It took about 60 hrs before it started bubbling every sec. Its gonna be rocket fuel. . Live a learn!. My first try.. that was an awesome test you did. Thanks

  5. In one of the two viking bloods I've still got going, I did use a handful of raisins but only for taste. I fully intended to add nutrients according to the staggered schedule but ended up using nothing as it kicked off hardcore, almost immediately. Started with a blow off tube instead of a regular airlock and a few hours later needed it.
    In the future will continue to use no additional nutrients with that particular recipe, because with plenty of berries, hibiscus tea and some raisins…it just isn't necessary.

  6. When I first started watching your videos , about a week or 2 ago , I wasn't sure about you young Guys . But the More I watch , the more Respect I have for you . Thanks , Enjoyed your Videos . 🤠

  7. I don't think raisins offer enough nitrogen, nor is there any substitute for nitrogen in terms of yeast nutrition. Thus they are not a viable nutrient.
    At least according to whatever little literature I could find on the subject.

  8. Great video, I am about to try my first ever home brew (cider), and have been watching a ton of videos lately. This one was one of my favorites, even though it wasn’t what I will be brewing first. Have you done videos like this for cider? Subbed

  9. thank you for posting this. this particular subject is really hard to find info on. i wish you had posted how much yeast you used in each, and how much dap, and maybe how much the raisins weighed.

  10. Man that was a lot of work on your part, but I feel the test is kind of flawed. Due to nutrient mead finishing quicker, clarifying and whatnot. Maybe a better test would be to start at different times and do a taste after 1 month of each mead finishing.

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