Barre Arm Workout | Toned Arms in a week

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  1. Another great one for when Im travelling. I love these barre arm workouts as I don't have to carry dumbbells with me. I use 2 water bottles, 1.5 L for each arm. The workout is quick and effective. I can feel the burn. And AJ is always so positive and genuine. Love her.

  2. Thks you so much for the barre arm. The process of my left hand is getting better and when it is lifted it can go up close to my ear. I hope the muscles can continue to stretch, balance and return to normal.

  3. Thank you so much for the barre arm workout! however i would like to ask is it normal to feel a bit of tension on my shoulder and neck during the upper body workout?

  4. Hi, wow what a arm work out, 💪perhaps I may just conker my arms, second move after doing 2 sets already the 3rd boy did I feel the burn. Thank you 😊 love your video's. May be you can do one just for in thighs? 😊

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