Beginner 15 Minute Rebounding Home Workout (Anti-Aging)

Beginner 15 Minute Rebounding Workout on the Bellicon Rebounder. Rebounding workouts are amazing for anti-aging and fat loss. Rebounding exercises for beginners is what I love to do. Let me know what other rebounding workouts you would like to do. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.

The Worlds Best Workout:

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  1. I like Lars videos they’re awesome I am visually impaired and I know enough from working out with a personal trainer in the gym that I can follow along and know what she’s doing she is awesome

  2. I am older, morbidly obese, and can only do the first part and not go up in the air. I probably could do what I can only do and hope to improve. What do you think of my plan?

  3. Hello Laura ☺️
    I try to do this every day(maybe one day off now and again) and can fit it in before work in a morning.
    Would you say this is enough of a workout for me to feel the benefits?(I am to turn 48 in June 🤔)
    I love it. I have also decided to buy a rebounder that's has the bungie cords as mine has the springs. After researching I believe bungie cords will be better. Am I right?
    Also I would love to see more rebounding workouts using the resistance bands,if you have any 😁
    Thank you 😊😊

  4. Hi Laura, I just recently got my rebounder. All that I have done is jump on It for now up to 1 minute.

    I have been challenged with getting muscle cramps in my calves since I started doing this. And yes I take magnesium.

    Are the stretching exercises you're showing enough for a beginner who is not in shape and is in her early 60's?……

    Thank you 😊

  5. I have a 44” bellicon too, I’ve found it hard finding workouts for it. I’ve recently discovered your bellicon workouts, I’m not a beginner but your workouts are amazing! I’d love an intermediate workout.

  6. I do not know if you can help me. I have vertigo, meaning my vision cause me to lose my balance. I have a rebounder, but I use it more for walking and running rather than jumping. I need to find a routine that I can follow without losing my balance. I do like to bounce on my rebounder, but within reason. My vertigo started in 1987 forcing me to walk downhill and downstairs backwards. I often feel like I am on a beach walking into the surf with the waves knocking me off my feet. Most people can understand this illustration. I hope you can help me build a routine over the next few weeks. Due to my balance issues I am housebound during the winter months that can last 6 months or more in Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada. Thank you, Sharon

  7. I would love to purchase the bands that you used. I can't find them anywhere (even on the Belicon website). If they are super expensive (like your fabulous pink rebounder), would you be so kind as to suggest something comparable, but less in price? I am a beginner and I love this video! Thank you. Phyllis Opps… Just found the answer on a previous reply from you. HAPPY BOUNCING !!!!! I am also 62 and love love love this.

  8. Hi. I am 62 years old and I just bought a rebounder. I just did 5 minutes with your video… Out of shape… Lol. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a workout for adults my age?

  9. Thank you, Laura. A really great insight into what can be done, with this very handy piece of kit.
    Along with a bar for a little support. It even enabled me to do squats, so that I could actually feel the muscles work.
    Who'd have thought it? 😃

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