Creating a workout plan, meal planning & setting my fitness planner up for the week & month of June

Hey planner babes! Today I’m showing you how I’m setting up the monthly section & weekly section in my fitness planner. I’m also showing you how I meal plan for the week.

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ALL Happy Planners: (You have to look at the titles of each to find a Lined Vertical in the size you want)
Meal Planning Supplies:

Uniball Signo 0.38 Pen (4 pack):
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Sharpie S-Gel 0.38:

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  1. I love this layout! However, 'calories in calories out' isn't all it's cracked up to be. Side note – I'm a certified CPT and nutrition coach within the functional health space [with multiple certifications across things impacting hormones and metabolism] so I'm not just 'talking' to hear myself talk😅 That concept works at a basic level, assuming your body is USING the fuel you're giving it in the way it's meant to be used and there's not any dysfunction present within behaviors or biofeedback/symptoms. Common things like bloating, fatigue, afternoon energy crashes, PMS, headaches, etc are usually a sign of hormone dysfunction within the body – leading to metabolic issues that MAKE cutting calories more ineffective, and can actually add fuel to the fire so to speak. I do have *free*resources on this if you want more info!! ❤

  2. Do you ever use some kind of sheet for preplanning? A kind of page to have to write on as you plan for what you will actually put in the planner? I'm new at this and its overwhelming to me to actually WRITE on the page

  3. Love the idea of the assessment sheet and love the idea of different sizes! I am using your The Plan printable and love it. I just linked your channel in my video that is going live today for that sheet so others can use it too – it is so helpful! Thank you for the great resources. Keep up the good work!

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