Designs That Died: Part 2

Designs can get canceled during the sampling process for many different reasons. Today I am showing you styles that weren’t canceled because they were ugly, but rather – because they lacked a strong Why.

Design 1

I honestly really like it and think it’s so beautiful. I would totally wear it, but I could just see the comments flooding in berating me for making everything cropped. Comments saying how useless this top was. POPFLEX has become a brand that solves problems and designs with function in mind, and TBH because I could not see myself strongly “defending” this design for either of those things, I decided to kill it.

Design 2

For this one, I just didn’t think the Why was strong enough. I mean, aesthetically, we definitely could have gotten there with some adjustments but I didn’t see a strong reason why you would need this in your closet. Therefore, cancel.

Agree or disagree?

What do you think? Rightfully killed or should I bring something back from the dead?


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