How I got my Nutrients during Pregnancy

These are the Prenatals that i have been consistent with throughout my pregnancy! Try Ritual for yourself by going to code FINDGURU for 10% off your first 3 months



  1. This is so unbelievable!! How can I ever explain to the world that Dr ALUDA on YouTube cured my HSV 2 with his herbal medication. i feel so happy and excited💗💗💗

  2. You're just glowing!! You look beautiful, your energy is gorg and you can tell you take care of your body well 🥺 what an inspiration to lead a more holistic lifestyle and in preparation for motherhood. Bless :')💗✨

  3. my "mom" Ms.Michelle never checked on me. she gave me my 2nd concussion beating my head with a brush and 4th concussion while whooping my ass my for playing in the new city garbage can, my head hit the railing on the top bunk

  4. Hey! I’m in the UK and I’m wondering about the tea – I’ve tried to find some however a lot of information I’ve read suggest it brings labour on – I’m really confused, can you link the tea please? X

  5. Fluoride is kind of a neuro toxin….I don’t think that’s safe to drink, we naturally have enough in our bodies but to add it through water is not safe if I’m not mistaken

  6. Dates are great I ate them during my last trimester for my second pregnancy and I literally did not even have to push, my daughter was coming out on her own unfortunately I was on an epidural in the hospital so I couldn’t feel a thing below my waist. This time we are having a natural home birth and I know those dates will definitely come in handy!

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