How I train STRENGTH for BJJ (Top exercises to build strength for Brazilian Jiujitsu)

What’s up guys I’ve been doing BJJ for about 2 years now and I get asked a ton on what exercises I would use to build strength for BJJ. So in this video I cover the main movements I would use to increase my strength for BJJ (these could also work for MMA and striking as well). When it comes to training for Brazilian Jiujitsu the exercises should compliment the sport. I give you guys some of my favorite exercises broken into categories. Pushing, pulling, squatting, rotational, carries and a bonus of some sled work!

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  1. Push press
    Neutral grip bench Press
    Neutral grip Pull-up
    Pendlay Row
    Romanian Deadlift
    Bulgarian split squat
    Trap Bar Deadlift
    Glute bridge
    Farmer walk
    Hammer curl
    Diamond push-up

    My list

  2. Do u guys still lift and do hitt/functional training workouts on top of jujitsu? I just bought a rack, a Titan selectorized lat pull down machine and ftx functional trainer to add to my home gym but it looks like my lifting has to change while trainnign jits

  3. coach you better stop locking your elbows when you're bench pressing to avoid any injuries and keep healthy joints, you still have to squeeze your chest and you can do it with out locking your elbows you just need a good mind muscle connection.

  4. This is my first video of yours and you’re blowing my mind.

    You train in Brian Alsruhe’s gym. You rock an RP t-shirt. I see John Meadows in one of your clips. And you have BJJ focused content.

    What in the gym cinematic universe is happening here? 😆

  5. I do lots of farmer walks and sandbag and keg work and it has translated so well into my grappling training. Like the commenter Josh Cate mentioned, Zercher Squats are an absolute gem of a workout and I can attest to how its helped me tremendously in underhooks.

  6. I like to do a lot of arm work- barbell curls, behind the back wrist curls, dumbbell wrist extensions, plate pinches, tricep pushdowns, close grip bench. My thinking- your arms are the tools you use to interface with your opponent (grips, grips, grips!), and when they are strong it's easier to win at the point of initial contact.

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