HOW TO DO YOGA ? Exercises for beginners

When faced with the daily stress of being a mother, taking time for yourself is vital. The yoga postures for beginners discussed here are among the most popular among practitioners of this discipline. Doing yoga , even for beginners, is excellent for fighting stress and feeling calm. So to all those who have ever wondered how to do yoga , let’s take 5 minutes of our time for easy yoga postures to do at home.
How to do yoga: exercise for beginners
Breathing is an integral part of yoga for beginners . Let’s make sure to inhale and exhale correctly as we move from one pose to the next. Stand on top of our mat with our hands at the sides. Standing tall, straightening your spine, and closing your eyes is a beginner’s yoga pose that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Let’s take a few breaths to relax. Yoga and breathing go hand in hand. This pose helps strengthen our spinal alignment and overall posture.


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