How to get a bigger and THICKER neck (Simple Neck training exercise)

what’s up guys in this video I have brad arbic aka MR.NECK teach me how to increase the size and strength of my neck. As you know I do Brazilian Jiujitsu so having a strong neck for bjj or wrestling is huge for safety and stability of the head and trunk. It also makes you look pretty intimidating too ha! We cover how to increase your neck size and strength with some simple neck training exercises all of you can do anywhere at any time. So if you are involved with combast sports or need a stronger neck for football this video is a great place to start!

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  1. I’ve been doing these now for about 6 months, I do 4x 60sec Front and Rear every 2nd day.
    I have started to feel a strange feeling with my ear drum when doing these.. feel like I should prob stop also neck starts to click

  2. Hey, thanks…. I put on a lot of inches since last September to 20 inches cold & incorporating those band exercises with weighted harnesses which I wear out.. harnesses i meant..thanks guys

  3. Wish I had him around when I was in the Army. The height/weight thing is silly.

    I'm 5' 10" and 200lbs. By their standards I failed it, even though it's not 200lbs of fat, it's straight up meat.

    Thankfully my platoon sergeant vouched for me and said "This is such bullshit, you can clearly see the man's abs" and told me to take the rest of the day off 😆

  4. I have been doing this on squat and deadlift day. I do the back and front I am not sure if I notice any size difference but it hits the neck muscles that is for sure . I have only done it for a month but this is the best exercise I have found for the neck .

  5. I started yersterday, I''ve been doing boxing for a few months so I decided to train my neck, besides I have a weak neck for years of bad posture. I will be posting my results in the next months😃.

  6. Can some enlighten me about the towel and kettlebel exercise? Im starting to do those, had no problem untill now, but im wondering if its a good exercise or am i creating a chronic problem.

  7. This is the best neck exercise I've ever done! It works every part of the neck simultaneously which is not typical of neck exercises and makes training go by incredibly quickly, making it the only neck exercises I actually look forward to doing! It also is the only neck exercise I've tried that actually loosened my tight traps that have plagued me for as long as I can remember. I literally can't ask for a better neck exercise. Thanks Brad and Joey!

  8. Thank you Soldier. Coming from an active duty US Marine. The wieght standards are pretty ridiculous, based from an 1980 study Body composition. I need to tape tommorow, it I don't make it ill be placed in BCP. Wish me luck make tape tommorow

  9. Do you still recommend these and are these the only things that is needed to build a wider and thicker neck ? I've seen people talk about neck harnesses but the good ones cost a lot :/
    I do have light and heavy resistance bands so I'm gonna be incorporating these ! Thanks again

  10. I keep imaging the resistance band breaks then it's game over lmbo. If you know you know. Makes you feel like a kid again getting an old fashion butt whooping. But thanks for the tip

  11. Thank you guys so much for this, I'm also a BJJ practitioner and have a neck injury that flares up from time to time. I had been interested in buying an iron neck but I hadn't made it a priority to save up for it; it's cool to see these exercises that can be done with equipment I already have 🙂

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