How to hem pants or shorts – No sewing machine – Sew a hem by hand – Easy hemming tutorial

How to hem pants, shorts, and skirts. Learn how to sew a hem by hand. No sewing machine needed.

With just a needle and thread you can sew a hem on the bottom of pants, shorts, or a skirt. Easy DIY clothing alterations and tutorials with #CinderellaSew

First cut the clothing to the length that you want it to hang and leave at least one inch (or two fingers width) of fabric at the bottom.

Find a seam and fold the extra fabric straight up.

Sew knots on either side of the seam to hold it in place.

Start making stitches around the seam. Make a backstitch to hold the sewing in place. A backstitch means you push your needle through the same holes twice.

Sew until you are back to the place you started from. Make a few knots and cut your thread off.

You are done sewing a hem!

This is an easy way to hem pants, shorts, or skirts without a sewing machine. Learn to sew a hem by hand.

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  1. Thanks for this. I've somehow gotten an inch shorter, and yesterday I got an estimate for $18 per pair of slacks to adjust a hem like this. I'm pretty sure I can do this myself now. Thanks for the vid!

  2. Thank you so much! My favorite sweatpants don't fit around my waste anymore because I somehow managed to lose weight during quarantine. They keep falling down where I end up walking on them so now they have huge holes in the back of the heel area. Now I can save them!

  3. First of all you have a beautiful soothing voice. I had a crap day and I can't get to tailor so you're hooking me up big time. Second I can actually see what you are doing thank you so much!

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