How to make a Simple Bourbon Mash

Simple Bourbon Mash Recipe: 5-gallon batch
(5) 16 oz bottles of Corn Syrup
1 pound of Dried Wheat Malt Extract
1 pound of Dried Barley Malt Extract

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  2. Just watched your video twice. Great information on making it simple. The only thing that would make it simpler is if you told how much of the extract you use in a 5 gallon mash. I will definitely be trying this. One question do. You check your PH after you have added all the ingredients and let it cool down before you pitch your yeast or do you just check the 5 gallons at the beginning? 💯💯🥃🥃🥃

  3. While fermenting a grain and sugar mash to make alcohol I had the idea to run my grain mash through an ultrasound to decrease particle size to make the grain mash more bioavailable to the yeast. The results were incredible. I am wondering if you can also try this on a grain mash and measure the results between the ultrasound mash and a control. I did a very short clip showing my bubbler and fermentation bucket. After this I tried a sugar wash through the ultrasound unit but it did not seem to increase the rate at all. Probably because the dissolved sugar was already at it's smallest size. It did seem to point to the fact that the yeast did better with the smaller particle grain mash than it did with the sugar wash. I really would like to see someone do more testing and research on this as it could have a huge impact in several fields like fuel and space travel. That and I like the idea of giving back to the yeast something it likes for its centuries of service to humankind. #Yeast lives matter. I would love a reply with your thoughts. Been working on soil and foliar fertilizers and making them more bioavailable to the plant microbiology and cell wall penetration. #Nano Nano

  4. I made it half way through and I just couldn't take it anymore just taking way too long to get to the point omg!!! Just make the friggin mash and tell us how much of each item your using my god you really need to shorten up how much you explain the process… for example you talked for almost seven minutes before you even added the corn syrup and all you did was boil water!!!

  5. Hello from Sydney.AU
    Please help. Im not good with maths and want to get your advice on swapping the bottles of Corn syrup out and using Dextrose sugar instead

    Simple Bourbon Mash Recipe: 5 gallon batch

    [dextrose sugar amount] 👍👍
    1 pound of Dried Wheat Malt Extract

    1 pound of Dried Barley Malt Extract

  6. I got a question on a old video about the homade wine( your most popular vid.) I don't have yeast packets just a big container of it so how much should I use for that. Love the mustache and hair btw👍👍

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