How to make Alcohol with Sugar and Water

In this video, I take sugar and water and make alcohol. I also discuss why this might not be as simple as it appears and how to avoid the pitfalls.

1 gallon Water
2 lbs. Sugar
2-3 grams of yeast

1 gallon fermenter:
Yeast Nutrient:

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  1. Very informative. If you were to do this with molasses and sugar combo wouldn't you get the " mash" for rum ?
    Also old Mr Johnson used a rubber stopper with a hole in it that he put a small hose into and ran the end of the hose into a glass of water to indicate when fermentation was done.
    Just FYI the best homemade wine I've had was made with wild plums and blackberry.
    Do you have any suggestions as to what kind of yeast to use and where to order it from? The plum trees are in bloom now and the blackberry will follow. There should be a time in June when I can get both at the same time from roadside patches both here and down in love county. Are the yeasts that you order more capable of producing a better tasting wine than bread yeast?
    How did you get so knowledgeable in this subject? And I really appreciate your feedback. Would love to drink a few with you sometime. Cheers

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  3. G'day,

    Great video!

    I recently made a hard lemonade and ginger beer and almost ready to bottle them. Can you pls advise what sweetener I could use to back sweeten them to add sweetness without increasing the ABV and over carbonating them and creating bombs? I will be priming the bottles to carbonate them.

    Also, to kill off the yeast to stop the carbonation process and preventing exploding bottles, do you recommend pasteurising the bottles?


  4. He's just a man with a camera and a whole load of knowledge on making home made alcohol and that's what i like to see it's not all of this high end tech stuff just a simple camera and a man with smart and intelligent brain.

  5. I love your vids! Happy to see you look healthier……are u related to Oliver Platt? Love u bro! Please stay healthy….no more sugar besides this…..I love the porn stache

  6. I plan to make a batch of this myself, but this is the first time I have ever done it. I don’t have a hydrometer, so it’s probably gonna be a little difficult for me to realize if the fermentation is stuck or moving properly. Are there any tips you can give to help understand what to look for in the process? Also should I add nutrient at the beginning to help prevent it from stopping

  7. Thanks for a helpful video on this topic. It is always more satisfying to sample one's own brew rather than merely always have the commercial products. I have recently attempted brewing a batch from apple juice and trying it a little differently this time. I have used only half a cup of brown sugar and a table spoon of bakers yeast in two litres of 100% apple juice. It is bubbling away quite quickly with little sludge developing on the top. I am using a lose cap rather than a bung. It may develop a little less alcohol than usual but I hope to reduce the carbs as much as possible. I am not sure of this batch will complete all of it's possible fermenting sooner than usual due to a little less sugar added. Otherwise I usually let it go for ten days before decanting. Anyways time will have to tell, I have not used brown sugar before only refined, and usually one full cup. Thanks again for enjoyable video.

  8. Maybe 3 pounds or 4 pounds of sugar would make a higher lvl? Ik when using whole fruits normally 3lbs to one gallon or 4lbs. That is pretty cool for water and sugar thou thanks!

  9. thanks for the response on previous comment i watched it and it ggaved me a lot thanks once again but i have question about flavouring cuz i dont have option to buy wine flavour or smth like that

  10. yo, I saw this dude right, he puts like candy, and stuff in his liquor like for example, Carmel candy in rum, do you think I can do this with this batch of Alcohol? and additionally can I use Turbo yeast?

  11. Add tablespoon of tomato paste (for nutrients) and juice from half a lemon (for ph)……well that's what I use for 4-5 gallons so less if only making a gallon.
    Cheers bruh, also in vegas….. best and most stable temp I've found is the bathroom tub in the middle of the house. Around 73ish year long in my pad.

    Edit: think ale yeast is for lower temps…..

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