Hyaluronic Acid injections Supplements and Topical skin care are all important in order to look youthful and maintain healthy skin. Dr Rajani in Portland Oregon reviews hyaluronic acid serums and how to use them. They are also found in skin care creams.
Which one is best for you? Hyaluronic acid supplements are reviewed as is dietary hyaluronic acid and a diet to look younger. Finally injections have been available for dermatology use since 2003 in the United States. Dr Rajani reviews how and when one should get Hyaluronic acid injections.
Before and after of hyaluronic acid is displayed.

Plasmasculpt is also a procedure of choice especially for the face for a natural long lasting tighter skin look. It is developed and used exclusively by Dr Rajani at his Portland location.

Watch it here.

Which botox is best

New PDO Infinity Threads

Infinity PDO Threads injected with 3D before and after

dermal filler complications

Sculptra Butt Lift

The Brow Lift PDO and Botox

PlasmaBoosters and MesoGlo can be added.

All natural lip filling is possible with PlasmaLip at PlasmaLip.com

Ongoing maintenance is paramount. Each patient has specific needs, goals and invasive tolerance. The brows can be lifted with botox in this video listed below.

Lower face botox is demonstrated in the following video:

Maintenance of skin and facial aging is now valued and a proven concept. if there is too much loose skin a face lift or surgical facial procedure is preferred. Once this is done a client can then start maintenance and often volume restoration. Adding filler to lift the face when there is too much loose skin can lead to a fake look.

Watch our Viora V-FR IPL combination treatment here:

Here are some videos people find interesting to watch for aesthetics in Portland Oregon Get Cheap Filler:

Watch 3D lip filler

Lip filling Cannula Vs Needle

Watch MicroTox Injections

Lip Filler before After Pictures

Style Aesthetics provides Botox, lip filler procedures and dermal fillers in Portland Oregon. DR Rajani is a trainer for AIAM, Galderma, Allergan, Suneva, Merz Viora, CoolSculpting, Dermasculpt Microcannula, PRF and a sought after speaker and educator. Dr. Rajani is noted for his signature Trademarked procedures – PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaGlo, PlasmaLip and now PlasmaBoosters. For more helpful tips to keep your skin beautiful, young, and healthy along with before and after photos, information on procedures, and verified reviews from patients check out;

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  1. Your the best Beauty Heath Dr i herd yet. Thanku really good info. .
    Very Helpful my Beauty treatments i cant wait to buy all your Skincare and take Suplments as well. Im into natural heath so i Belive in it

  2. Hi Doc, I cannot tolerate acids or retinA so I’m using growth factors ..
    I’d like to order your line of growth factors to deliver here in Canada
    Would you consider making a video to explain how to incorporate the growth factors into our routine please?
    Thank you

  3. Can you explain or make a video over the diagram of application regions that your HA product is shipped with? Can I just put it all over my face including lips? Or do I need to keep to exactly the strips in shown in the diagram?

  4. I use Asterwood Naturals HA serum. It says on the label that it's vegan sodium hyaluronate. $45 for 8 ounces on EBay.

    I also use Jarrow HA capsules. Not sure if they work.. 😞

  5. Hello doctor ! Your skin is just stunning !! For a very long time i have been wondering abt which cream i can top on a hyaluronic acid so that there would moisture retaining on the skin….can you please suggest some creams which are easily available, inexpensive and suitable for this purpose
    I really hope i get a reaponse to this🙈 thanks

  6. Do I have to go to an orthopedic Dr. for the knee injections or do I go to a different type of clinic (does it work?)? I'm scared about knee injections, but I'm tired of the excruciating pain and I'm too young for the Dr. to tell me I need knee replacement surgery. 💔😭

  7. So, why does it have that drying effect at first? I tried a new hyaluronic acid moisturizer at night and I looked like the crypt keeper the next day, all these new fine lines, dried me out so bad. Is that a temporary effect? The cream was quite expensive and from a well-known reputable brand.

  8. Yes I love him too. Just started seeing a Dermatologist + Plastic Surgeon and NO ONE has explained all the various services and products to me and I was doing what they said blindly . Now as a licensed healthcare professional myself I have a deeper and clearer understanding of the various services and products that they provide. Thank you Dr R , keep it up. I want to travel now and come to your clinic. God Bless You and your work!

  9. Thanks Dr. I am not taking any hylaronic acid liquid form in take as orally or neither collogen peptides protein powders. I am taking collogen tablets instead for joint care. Reaching to menopause stage slowly. I am 43. 24k collogen & hylaronic acid serum using after microneedling helps to get rid of elasticity,no dryness especially, using collogen moisturiser & serum locks the moisture. no wrinkles too. I love your videos.

  10. That was very informative. I’ve started using a topical hyaluronic acid serum very recently. I’m 40 and have distinct pores and fine lines. Could you prescribe a moisturizer one which doesn’t break the bank and is easily available online to be used over this serum. Thank you.

  11. Hi ya, i have a hyaluronic acid serum, it is sterile and can be used with a derma pen or mesotherapy, if this is the case can a hyaluron pen be used to administrate this product into my skin?

  12. I am considering fillers to get rid of my number 11 between my eyebrows because Botox is not enough to remove it. I am afraid of going blind in the procedure. I trust my doctor but I am afraid of human error.

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