Is the tone & sculpt (EvolveYOU app) worth it? || Strong Program Expert Guide Review PROS & CONS

I finished the Tone and Sculpt Strong program on the Expert Guide and I wanted to share my experience with yall
Time Stamps:
Message Krissy about the Strong Program 00:03-00:23
Intro 00:24- 01:20
More about the Tone & Sculpt app 01:21- 02:53
Pros: 02:54- 09:52
Cons: 09:53 – 12:48
Wrap up & Final Thoughts: 12:49-14:20

** I am not a nutritionist, dietician or a certified trainer. I am only speaking from my own experience.

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  1. How you guys are so confident..!! I never feel confident in the gym and I haven't tried so many workouts because of shyness.
    I don't know why!!! And I have no friends in the gym.
    I am so fed up..

  2. Okay okay you've convinced me! I've lost 50lbs since March 2021 and… now just skinny (off of Pam Reif & MadFit & Gym workouts) Sooo my goal is to lean-bulk and this sounds perfect! 🙂

  3. You articulate your thought process so well, I totally get you! Thank you for this thoughtful take on this program. I've been doing Sweat and love it but just curious about what else is out there. Subscribing to your channel too 🙂

  4. I recently started using tone and sculpt. I'm doing the strong program as well. My only concern is that the program does not automatically include cardio and core workouts. Overall I prefer the Move with Us ( used to be Bodies by Rachel) but it's a lot more expensive than Tone and Sculpt

  5. Hey Cece! Thank you for the review, I found it super helpful. I’m currently using the free trial and also noticed the lack of ab-focused workouts in the program. So how do you incorporate ab workouts into your routine?

  6. Hey! Just considering downloading this app but can you tell me, does the workouts change each week or do they stay the same for a few weeks? I don’t seem to make much progress with programs that change every week. Thanks!!

  7. Thank you for sharing! I just started this app. Have some questions! Do you know how to connect the app and the Apple Watch because it’s not recording when I did it today. Where is the weight tracker I can’t find it I only can find the water

  8. I’m planning on doing one off Krissy’s programs but in the morning 6-7 am because I work all day and I don’t have much time at night but is it good to workout in the morning after I eat breakfast or just a snack?

  9. Love your video, I was wanting a good review before deciding on the APP, but one question, this app has to be done at a gym for the most part? I have a gym but with COVID been do a lot more workouts at home daily.

  10. You are so cute! I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should use the app and have watched a few reviews but this is the most informative and helpful one by far!! Thank you for the review!

  11. Ouu true I love that , I’m glad that she kept it consistent & simply !

    I love that (progressive overload) , I love Krissy cela : I might hv to try her app again !

    Awes that t shirt is soo cute :)!!

    😂😭😭 guilty of skipping the burners too , I don’t hv the strength for tht lol.

    Yees to the abs challenge & recipes 🤗🥰!!

  12. Really appreciate your honest videos! Because of stumbling across your last Strong Program review I’ve also joined the community and program and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! Thank you Cece🔥

  13. I've just started the Strong Program on beginner and its kicking my ass haha! Felt like I'd go back to beginner to go back to basics again as I've been really consistent with my gym workouts. I totally agree with your pros and cons – I cant wait to see who they bring in for the new trainers.

  14. Hey everyone!! thanks for watching, I appreciate all of you guys💕 Don't forget to give me a thumbs up, subscribe, and drop a comment to let me know you stopped by 😊

    Edit 10/15/22: I wanted to clear up any confusion with the App name! Tone & Sculpt rebranded a few months and is now called the "EvolveYOU App". All of my comments and opinions remain the same (I STILL LOVE IT🫶) but I did update the title to say "EvolveYOU APP" and I don't want people to get confused when I say "tone and sculpt app" in the video. Evolve you and Tone and Scult are synonymous 😊thank you!

    Time Stamps:
    Message Krissy about the Strong Program 00:0300:23
    Intro 00:2401:20
    More about the Tone & Sculpt app 01:2102:53
    Pros: 02:5409:52
    Cons: 09:5312:48
    Wrap up & Final Thoughts: 12:4914:20

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