Lee Priest Bicep Training Tips

Mr Universe Lee Priest gives away some trips to build some sizable guns. Learn the tricks that got Lee some of the best arms ever seen in the bodybuilding world.

Barbarian Biceps Blaster – http://samsfitness.com.au/Barbarian-Preacher-Curl

Sam’s Fitness – http://samsfitness.com.au/



  1. Is Lee saying 20 sets for each exercise or 20 sets in total; doing different exercises for bicep?

    If I'm doing a bicep work out I start with the barbell curl doing 4 or 5 sets, then I'll do single arm dumbbell curls for 4 or 5 sets, then I'll finish off by doing curls on a curling machine for 5 sets. That is 15 sets in total and I vary the rep range.

  2. G’day Sam how are you?
    Can you please ask Lee PRIEST what he thinks of fasting for fat loss.
    What does he think of swimming for cardio, muscle building and fat loss.
    And is it alright to train every day.
    I am a big fan of Lee PRIEST.
    He is awesome and I love his videos.
    Please let me know when you ask Lee these questions and put them up on You Tube and Facebook.
    Thanks so much.

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