Lee Priest on Dorian Yates and HIT Training

I have been asked many times to get Lee Priest’s thoughts on the bodybuilding legend, Mr Olympia Dorian Yates.
In particular they want to know Lee’s opinion on the HIT (High Intensity Training) that Dorian performed.

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  1. 45 minute sessions 4 days per split cycle is what Dorian did. I really don't know if other pro body builders trained with concentrated of time period and with little total volume and low of frequency training with finite of exercise selection and the pre exhausting method with a isolation exercise followed by compound movements for bigger muscle.

    I mean there is something different to what Dorian does

  2. I really respect Lee Priest, but I don't think he has a good understanding of what the HIT method and Dorian's training really looked like. He wouldn't advocate going from 1 to 7 plates either.

  3. Watch out for OldSkoolBodybuikding and DTM. They are accounts that literally spend hours a day, scouring through every HIT comment section and harass everyone in sight. They’re already in this section too

  4. The only way one can train like Dorian did and fir whatever recommended is to be on GH. The body can’t recoup from that type of workout without at least 5-10 days of rest.It’s high risk high rate of injury.

  5. I always get the feeling that these old bodybuilders don't actually know that much about the current evidence-based (analytical) science behind exercise and nutrition and that their understanding relied more on relative experience (empirical). Now, I'm not saying one thing is better than the other but times change, methods and understanding have also changed, meaning some of these old giants haven't really moved with the times. That said you can't reinvent the wheel – you lift heavy enough your muscles will get bigger, simple. Some principles never change. I find it an interesting dichotomy. Lee is an absolute gentleman though. I find Dorian a bit irritating, like one of those people who think they know more than they do but hide it well.

  6. Lee priest, the most honest body builder, if he released a workout book first chapter would be all the steroids you need before you start, no bullshit or ego with this guy blows the myth on everything gym related and doesn't dress it up

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