Lee Priest on Training Tibialis Anterior

Lee answers this question from a youtuber. As you can see Lee is a genetic freak. His muscles grow without even training



  1. Train it without trying by pointing your toes up on leg extensions, and by doing full squats. If you stop at 90^ you aren’t getting that dorsi flexion that really engages the TA. Get your TA fully developed and never worry about shin splints again.

  2. The way I train my tibialis at home: I wear three socks in each foot and trainers to protect my foot. I set up two very thick evenly sized books on the floor and stand on them. Then I lift the barbell on my feet and start raising it for high reps. I use two chairs at my sides to grab for balance. I've been doing this for a rather long time and strength has greatly improved. I have not ever measured my calves but given how much strength I have gained I have no doub that my shin pops out more.

  3. u know there 's not much i have to brag about when i was a youngster accept i did have great calves ,but people talk about all fancey ways of doing calves but all i ever did and only ever did was calf raises ,,, that was it twice a week , people use to ask me how do you get your calves like that my answer can only be just do calf raises …

  4. I built my tibia's up by putting my heals on the edge of the stairs, just let your toes drop and raise them back up. It takes some practice and you also develop some great ballance along with better circulation. I do a set in-between standing calf raises just twenty reps, no need for extra weight. Anyways you wind up building new shape in a few months 3 x 20 or so.

  5. the doctor said i fucked this goddamn muscle but i feel it and i can move it just like lee did but it only flexes at the top and at the bottom. there is scar tissue right on the tendon holding it. i think i need to get surgery

  6. You discover your Tibialis only after a 10 mile walk or when you start running. Your calves and thighs don't get sore as they're trained well but the tibialis hurts like hell after a long walk. I started training it a week ago see if it helps..

  7. I love training tibialis anterior; I usually hit it with calves.  I think it looks really good to have this nicely developed.  Most people probably never specifically train it, which is kind of weird to me.  

  8. you can get a great burn in your tibia muscles leaning back on a bench with your legs together holding a dumbbell and pretty much raising the weight, like a reverse calf raise

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