Sled exercises – 6 top sled exercises for your workout (Muscle & Power)

Hey guys in this video I go over sled exercises and my 6 top sled exercises for your workout routine to throw in there. Whether it’s priming your muscles, or using it to build some muscles, or even build some conditioning the sled is an awesome piece of gym equipment you should become friends with. I love to push and pull sleds, but also do some explosive movements with it as well for overall athleticism and conditioning. So try these sled exercises out if you want to build some muscle and power into your training.

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  1. Lately I'm getting bruised palms (the fleshy lower thumb part of the palm) that makes it difficult to increase the weight I put on the prowler. It it not visibility bruised but feels painful for days to the point I can't lift a kettle (yes this is a serious problem for an English person).
    I don't want to have to keep at a lower weight as worried progress will not happen, but can't bear to keep doing it at current weight. Any tips on how to reduce or remove palm bruising and pain?

    The prowler we have had these long poles one side, and low T bars on the other, these are what cause the pain.

  2. I built a sled in the backyard out of plywood, logs and a tow strap. My favorite toy ever now. I run all these drills. The sideways pull seems like it's asking to tear something, so I try to avoid that one.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the sled. Because of the sled I have lost 17% body fat (35 to 18), 87 pounds of weight (331 to 244), and 9 inches off my waist (46 to 37), but every time I look at my sled I curse it out and say, "I'll be damned if I let you kick my ass today." If it weren't for the results I was getting I would have long kicked that thing to the curb. Don't skimp on the sleds. Load that thing up and push, pull, drag, and everything in between. You'll lose fat, inches, and gain muscle at the same time. Another added effect is it helps you increase your compound lifts.

  4. Made it over to Szat Strength. Was going to purchase a program and maybe a tshirt….no programs for sale, and every single tshirt sold out. Love your videoa on here, but you arecosting yourself money by not having your apparel and swag at least semi-professionally tracked. It's great that you sold all you had, but being out of 1 or 2 items is okay. Out of everything? That hurts. Anyhow, love your stuff, but would like to see you do well, aside from these videos.

  5. This is awesome

    Pandemic hasn't slowed down in my country and well i'm jobless so can't go to the gym

    But i was able to make my own sled with a tire and some weights

    Really wanna try these out

  6. How to incorporate sled in my lifting routine or should I use sled only on tje day I do hitt/functional trainning? I do not do any barbell squats do to bulding disk on lower back. I do landmine belt squats now but I heard prowler are good to build legs?? Iam not an athlete anymore, iam a 50 year old fit male. I do full body lifting workouts 3x a week m,w and f…and on Tuesday I rest or do LISS workout and on THURSDAY I do 30 min HITT/functional trainning workouts with kettlebells, sandbags, sledg hammers, etc….

  7. You can also do chest presses with it, beats laying down to exercise if you ask me, (Which no one did). I've also carried my 80 pound power sled up and down three flights of stairs before I got the garage, along with lots of plates and the farmer's walk handles; that was conditioning for sure.

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