Start Your Day Right! Beginners Yoga Class At Home // APPLESANDAMANDAS YOGA

Join me in this quick and simple ‘morning yoga for beginners’ routine to energize yourself for a great day. More Yoga:

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  1. I'm challenging myself to do yoga (at least for 5 min) each day for an entire year – I started yesterday morning, with this video, and loved it! I missed this morning, but that's okay because I will be sure to stretch later this afternoon after work! 🙂 I discovered your YouTube channel when I was doing research on becoming an RDN, and I must say – you are quite the inspiration! I have a feeling that if I lived in Cali, we could totally be best friends! 😀 Looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

  2. loved practicing with you. thank you! (usually i don't mind ads, but in a yoga video they are quite disruptive. maybe you can place them at least inbetween poses?)

  3. This is a great intro yoga video, Amanda! I love your focus on correct body alignment and posture. I'd love an intermediate video for postures to help build strength for inversions and more advanced poses. Keep rockin it, sista!

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