The Getting Lean Protocol: Nutrition




The Getting Lean Protocol: Nutrition (Video 3)

Today’s Video: Today we talkin’ Zen Dude Fitness Nutrition!

Jump rope is fun and an incredible way to burn fat, but without the right nutrition you will never carve out that Zen Dude Physique. That’s why today we’ll be diving into nutrition as the element in the getting lean protocol.



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  1. Sorry to break it to you. But BCAA's have cals and break your fast. Also remaining "fasted" as long as you take in no more than 50-75 cals is BS too.

    If you want to remain fasted, keep it to black coffee, water, or other zero calorie options. Finally, as long as you hit your daily protein intake and do some form of resistance training, BCAA's are not needed and a waste of money.

  2. Was diagonsed with Dabetes a few days Ago I am 50 next month. I plan on seeing a dietition/nutritionist for what foods are safe to eat. This is one of the reasons why I am pursuinig a healthier life style.

  3. Hey my dudes! I love the videos and I’m about to start trying your guys’ jump rope workout for myself. With that though, I was wondering if this goal (cutting and having the lean bodies you two have or at least close to) is still attainable if you’re a guy (like me) who’s in the military and doesn’t have the resources to buy these foods and prep and what not? I’ve already lost 20 lbs just from running incorporating intermittent fasting and eating just a chicken breast and veggies. No carbs or sugars or alcohol. I eat one big meal at lunch and then a few hours later a protein shake. I don’t mind losing muscle I just want to be lean again. Am I going to be able to reach a reasonable goal close to this or am I doing something wrong? I’d appreciate any feedback you guys could give me. I’m ready to “do the thing” haha just needs some tips before I start. Thanks!

  4. Super informative. Quick question: So in order to lose weight I have to eat at a calorie deficit which from what understand means I have to burn more than I consume correct?
    Sooo, if the calculator tells me I have to consume 2399 calories a day for my age height and weight, does that mean I need to burn over that amount? That seems like a lot of calories!
    P.s. You guys run the best fitness channel on YouTube.

  5. sooo instead of breakfast i take the bcaa's and before my workout? also so how much grams of protein should i take? and how many protein shakes do people drink usually?

  6. i love how you send us daily emails ahahah it actually works for me, its a daily reminder that I need to DO THE THING !! curious to know if the its just the first week or the whole month!

  7. You guys make no apologies for obliterating the myth that you have to eat a certain way to lose weight and/or get lean. I truly love that about zen dude fitness….obliterating eating and fitness myths is where 75% of your watchable value is derived. Watching you guys jump rope and do some tricks is the other 25%.

    My 2 cents…I personally think this video would be better with some fun word pop-ups on either side of Dan, or cut away to a virtual chalkboard and then back to Dan. Staring at Dan the entire video is cool and all….but yeah, it could be better 🙂 Quality > Quantity.

    Cheers guys!!

  8. Hey zen dudes, I've lost 22 pounds with your guys help!! So thanks a lot, now I've been lifting weights so I upped my calories to 2200 then were at 1750. I'm 6'0 168 and about 11-13% body fat. Lift weights 3 times a week, just wondering how many calories do you think I should be consuming?

  9. Yay ! I had a question, can it be dangerous for the body to do 30min of jumprope each day ? Or do our body need some rest ?
    How much workout are you doing a week ?

    Kisses form Tahiti

  10. Thanks ZDF dudes. How long should one be on a calorie deficit for? Theoretically if Im in calorie deficit in perpetuity, I would end up loosing muscle weight no matter how much BCAA or protein I take (as in the long run I'm in deficit, and once fat storage is burnt muscles would come next…)

  11. Man, I needed this!Got the rope last week from you guys and it has to be the best rope ever.I lift weights 5-6 times a week and because of that have a pretty decent muscle mass.My question here is do I really need to lift weights that frequent if I want a zen dude body? and if I continue with my gymming then how should I incorporate jumping rope with it so that I can lose more fat?I'm really struggling balancing the two.

  12. Hi guys, I have a quick question. I recently wanted to start slimming down my legs with a bit less muscle. Does jumping rope create more muscle or just tone and slim the legs? Thank you!

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