The Healthiest Protein-rich Food | How To Prepare It

Horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil on the planet. It is a healthy superfood that can make a wonderful addition to your diet. Learn everything you need to know on how to prepare and consume it for maximum benefit.

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  1. Even if Sprouted,this doesn't digest for me even in small quantities . Hence for those w delicate digestion, best to avoid this. Ultimately ,even the most nutritive food when it cannot be digested is of no useto the body. Lucky are those w strong digestive systems.

  2. Scam over scam over scam 😁
    I see his belly popping out and he is talking of health 🀣 eat plants to that cow is eating that is full of defence chemicals. These are healthy- poison.
    Don't believe just try it and see how it works 🀣

  3. Who takes health advice from a person who looks 20 years older than his age???
    Millions of dunces who think that a long white bearded man who speaks slowly, is a guru.
    My sympathy to them.

  4. You and the many as you should Coit aging people in no. Thing chrono energy following. Not leaving r ts
    You and many should know the no thimg with all the now thing which are in the no thing
    As I see the humanity man lady civilization science spirituality
    The whole planetarium allness

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