TRAIN LIKE ME: Deadlift & Press workout + Powerlifting Training Split

Hey guys in this video I’m taking you through my workout to train like me where we do a deadlift workout and I show you my current powerlifting split. I basically train like a powerlifter until I have to get specific with my competition. So the programming base is a powerlifting program with a full body split. If you are wondering how to get strong this is the best way to go in my opinion. We start the training off with the barbell deadlift, then go into overhead press, close grip bench, and end with some conditioning! This is the first of a series videos so stay tuned for the others coming out and I will add in a free block for you to try!

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  1. Do you bench press less weight that you could because you did overhead presses earlier and your shoulders are pre-fatigued? I thought you were supposed to do bench and overhead press on different days.

  2. How important is it to fight flaring on close grip?

    I find on any bench/variation, I flare fairly hard 2-3 inches off the chest, as I move the bar back up towards my shoulders

  3. I have read about HIRT (High Intensity Repeat Training) some time ago, it refers to the kind of conditioning you do, letting the heart rate dictate the rest between sets. Sprinters use this alot iirc.
    As far as deadlifts it's once a week.

  4. I usually have 3 blocks a week. 1 block is a regular lift. 1 block is a for block pulls since if I fail it's usually about half way up my shin. I do rdls on my days i squat.

  5. Joey my sticking point on my deadlifts have always been lockout. I’ve tried almost everything to fix my lockout and I can’t seem to fix it. I only do strongman competitions so the hitch and ramp is fine but if I ever want to pull a max at a deadlift party I want to be able to lock it out like a powerlifters. I typically deadlift twice a week with a heavy and a speed day

  6. Deadlift 2x a week DE and ME . Sticking point few inches off the floor. I normally do top of the minute conditioning never waited till my heart rate came all the way down. Do you give yourself a max time limit on rest? Or you always wait till your back to normal every time you do conditioning?

  7. Currently deadlifting heavy once a week with a variation (pause, double pause, banded, snatch grip etc) on a 2nd day. I'm strong off the floor, but my lockout is weaker. Thanks for the awesome content Joey!

  8. Once a week. But on my separate squat day I add leg press, and Upper back accessory work (theory being dead lift helpers). I am comparatively weak – but have been making steady gains without injury at 53.

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