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WholyFit is a highly effective, scientifically based flexibility and core training system presented from a Christian worldview. WholyFit Certified trainers present the branded flexibility system with Scripture Memorization, to teach a group exercise class that is like a bible study in motion.

Here on the WholyFit Channel, instructors receive links to hundreds of routines to teach to their classes. Exercise and memorize Bible verses with us using WholyFit branded “Heirloom” routines set to Scripture. These fitness Bible study routines help us to study the bible through devotional quiet times, memorizing scripture with movement that builds body, soul and spirit!

Founder Laura Monica says, “I started WholyFit on my patio, crying out to God to heal me from past problems with chronic illness and depression. God worked through gentle exercise and His Word applied to my life, a way for me to be filled with the Word and be the temple of the Holy Spirit! The system spread and now Kym Pelfrey, whom I trained for over 10 years, trains and certifies others in the WholyFit Wellness system. I made the decision to follow Jesus in sickness and in health, in riches and in poverty, in persecution or popularity, till death and we will never part! When we die to ourselves we become alive in Him.”

Laura says, “Thank you for allowing me to share Devotional Exercise with you, after having used it for over 30 years training others. The motivation of staying fit to serve others is so much more effective than staying fit for outward appearance. WholyFit yields much better results than conventional exercise, because it is others-centered. WholyFit Devotional Exercise has helped me to personally overcome rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. I continue to deal with the tribulation of life, but as an Overcomer! Subscribe to this channel and be an Overcomer too as we continue to overcome through the power of Jesus, and His Word combined with exercise!”

WholyFit began 20 years ago in one church and thousands of other Christian leaders have now been trained to lead WholyFit classes throughout the U.S., Canada. Philippines, UK and Australia.

WholyFit works! WholyFit fits you!
WholyFit is the only fitness program in the world that teaches memorization of Scripture. It was the first original, eccentrically based calisthenics, isometric stretching system. Thousands use WholyFit, people of every body type and fitness level. Safety and effectiveness are its defining difference from other systems.

The WholyFit branded, gentle stretching system will help you to live as an overcomer! Exercise combined with the healing Word of God. Thank you for choosing WholyFit! Please share the love and tell them about WholyFit this channel!

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