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Today’s video features the JELSSPORT yoga mat and yoga block set. One factor I like about this yoga mat is that it’s longer and wider than traditional mats, being 26 x 72, or 6 feet long. Traditional mats are 24 x 68. Also, there is a non-slip pattern on both sides helping it to adhere better to the floor as well as providing a stable surface for your exercises. The yoga mat is made of a TPE material and also includes alignment lines to allow you to adjust your posture. For example there’s a long vertical line running from top to bottom and another running left to right. There’s also a center dot. When unrolled, the mat easily lays flat and doesn’t curl up like other mats.

I recently started incorporating yoga blocks into my stretching routine, as they help to deepen and elongate stretches. They are suitable for any yoga pose, and you can use them separately or stacked together. They are also great for balance and flexibility. The blocks are made of a premium, high density EVA foam that is considered “closed cell”, meaning that it won’t absorb sweat and is easy to wipe down and clean. They have a nonslip surface to prevent slipping and beveled edges providing a comfortable, steady grip.

I’ve been taking the yoga classes on my Peloton app and so far my favorite instructor is Denis Morton. I’ve done quite a few of his yoga flow (“Vinyasa” style) classes and I can feel myself get stronger with his simple yet effective moves. If you are a Peloton user as well, feel free to add me; my username is “ChristinaLacey”.

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