Yoga Nidra Bharat (Audio – English) Therapeutic Guided Meditation Practice.wmv

Yoga Nidra embodies classic techniques and kriyas. Specially designed for stroke and heart patients to reduce blood pressure n sugar levels, improve cerebral vascularity n heart’s efficiency (E F). Particularly useful for failing n failed hearts. Soothes autonomic nervous system n lessens side effects of chemotherapy. Designed to prevent one from falling asleep during he session Religion neutral. Guided meditation practice through real time verbal instructions aims at deep relaxation of mind and body. Particularly so when due to inexperience, distraction or agitation mind is not getting into the meditation mode. It can be experienced anytime of the day or night but not immediately after meals. Then the possibility of falling asleep and consequent indigestion arises. Wear loose fitting attire. Use pillow if desired.
Some heart patients may feel more comfortable lying on the belly or on one side or in a particular position instead of the back depending on which part of the heart is affected. If prone to fall asleep may follow shorter Yog Nidra with Chakra Meditation or Shavasana capsule.



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